We are Eamar Al Muhandeseen a group of four companies; Eamar Al Muhandeseen for General Contracting, Eamar al Muhandeseen for General Trading, Eamar al Muhandeseen for System Control and Oil Equipment and Eamar Al Khalij for Engineering Testing. They are all Iraqi companies classified by the ministry of trading and the ministry of planning, these four companies work together to gain success in work. This group has accomplished many sophisticated projects in a very hard security situation since 1993 till the time being in the fields of civil, mechanical, electrical and instruments as well as trading (Importing & Exporting)


We have completed a lot of projects in the fields of Civil, Mechanical and Electrical work like residential buildings, police stations, construction colleges, small hospitals, oil & gas, solar energy, substations, materials supply and life support. Bellow some of numbers achieved : 1- More than 100,000 ML of piling Work. 2- 60,000 ML of Oil pipe Line Work 3- Erection of 500 Ton of Steel Structures for Oil and Gas Projects 4- Installation of 850 Ton of Oil Equipment. 5- Construction of 132 KV Electrical Substations 6- Construction of 400 KV Substations

Eamar Al Muhandiseen for General Trading and Construction Companies Group

Established by efficient Iraqi engineers well known inside and outside Iraq for their high experience. Our Group classified as the first degree in construction, electrical and mechanical domains by Planning Ministry and classified as the best by Trading Ministry. We achieved our success through hard work, successful management & the total commitment of our people. We're working through an integral system starting from proper projects planning organizing operations value and sequence, scrutinizing the highest quality for construction standards, although we are interesting to import from International resources according to high trading standards. Using repetitive financial analyses controlling costs. To reach our target we are training & developing our team using the most updated equipment. We deliver results by combining technical expertise with the best management and tools.

Who We Are

As a first class Iraqi established company, we Have a High proven Experience and construction history especially in oil & gas, power , residential, police stations and clinic centers projects all over Iraq.. We are proud of our self of doing these projects in perfect ways in quality and safety which clarified by the clients certifications. We deliver results by combining technical expertise as a general contractor with the best management and tools. Each Professional on our team bring years of experience, Predictability, Accountability, And Control to the construction process.